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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"My [Famous] STAR's"^ ^;...: Pinky Amador

"My [Famous] STAR's"^ ^;...: Pinky Amador

"My [Famous] STAR's"^ ^;...: Pinky Amador: Check out this cool fan page I found! http://www.pinkyamador.com/ Pinky Amador http://www.pinkyamador.com                    ...

Pinky Amador

Check out this cool fan page I found!



"Home / About

Biography Come and discover my journey into this classroom we call…”Life” 

Trivia : Here are some things that not everyone knows about me...

Pinkys world: Welcome into my world! Bits of my personal history, influences, my passions/hobbies and why I like doing them and hopefully what I learned from them. 

Advocacy: Here are issues/advocacies and NGO’s that have my full support. Consciousness is contagious! Let’s all try to do what we can... 

Home / Career


A Full listing of my first love: The Theatre... 


My appearances in Teleseryes, Fantaseryes, sitcoms, Singing in TV specials, hosting shows, and various guestings (Partial Listing) ...


Detailed filmography in blockbuster dramas, comedies, satires and indie productions...


My solo concert, guestings and featured musical numbers ...


Another favorite: Hosting jobs and live events/fashion shows...


Recent product endorsements/sponsorships ...

Producing / Directing

I also tried my hand at producing and directing for Television and Live events ...


Some citations and recognition for achievement ...

Home / Media

A youtube site featuring my videos.
Acting Galleries
On/offstage photos of my work
Event Galleries
These are photos of me participating in/attending/ or hosting various events.
Exclusive Galleries
Never-before seen or published private photos of me or taken by myself travelling, favorite places/people/pets, etc.
Wallpapers you can download for your laptop, cellphone, ipad, smartphone, etc.
Various articles/links and scanned magazine covers, reviews, etc...

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Sharing EVERYTHING you know about acting
April 1, 2011
There comes a time in your career/life when you realize that the most important thing is to have the opportunity to be able to “give back” to your peers and to future generations/artists, in the same way that you were lucky to receive. In all my years of acting onstage (since 1983) and professionally onscreen [...]

Sharing a Birthday lunch through GK Kalusugan
March 26, 2011
It has long been my wish to do something more meaningful for my birthday and to be able to share with less fortunate children. This wish finally came to pass through the help of Gawad Kalinga Kalusugan ( a feeding program at their multi-purpose hall in Barangay Pinagsama, Phase 2, in Taguig last March 17, [...]

Pinky Amador
Mula sa Tagalog na Wikipedia, ang malayang ensiklopedya

Ang talambuhay na ito ng isang nabubuhay na tao ay hindi bumabanggit ng anumang sanggunian o pinagmulan. Tumulong sa pamamagitan ng pagdaragdag ng maaasahang mga pinagmulan. Ang kaduda-dudang mga materyal tungkol sa nabubuhay na mga tao na walang pinagmulan o may mahinang uri ng sanggunian ay dapat na mabilisang tanggalin. (Pebrero 2010)
Si Pinky Amador ay isang artista sa Pilipinas.

Ang lathalaing ito na tungkol sa Pilipinas at Artista ay isang usbong. Makatutulong ka sa Wikipedia sa pagpapalawig nito."^ ^;...

June 28, 2012
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